GHM Open — A new journal dedicated to advancing global health and medicine

Kokudo N


To generate high-quality evidence and serve as a platform for interdisciplinary communication regarding challenging issues in global health and medicine, we are launching a new open-access multispecialty journal — GHM Open ( – with the goal of creating a network to share global health information and findings from basic science and clinical science for use in practice. GHM Open will be an inclusive and global journal; the diversity of our editorial board, authors, and reviewers will allow us to showcase rich and wideranging content, making it ever more relevant to researchers and clinicians around the world. The journal prioritizes specialized research with wider general relevance that will influence clinical care, global health, public health, medical education, and the direction of future research. We aim to be relevant, accessible, and enjoyable, not only to researchers but also to global health and medical care providers. We sincerely look forward to having you join us as a reader, author, reviewer, or editorial board member to address challenging issues in global health and medicine.

KEYWORDS: global health, medicine, health care, basic science, clinical science

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