GHM Open -> 2022 Vol.2(No.1)

Policy Forum
Unfinished business: Lessons for future G20 meetings on a more inclusive understanding of universal health coverage
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):1-11.
Effects of self-management interventions with behavior-change support on long-term adherence in patients with chronic respiratory diseases: A systematic review
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):12-24.
Original Article
Knowledge and practice for cervical cancer among female primary school teachers in Phnom Penh, Cambodia: A cross-sectional phonebased survey
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):25-30.
Association of atherogenic serum lipids and platelet activation with changes in arterial stiffness in patients with type 2 diabetes
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):31-37.
Brief Report
Safety of convalescent plasma therapy for COVID-19 patients and analysis of viral kinetics: A single-center, open-label, single-arm, interventional study in Japan
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):38-43.
Global landscape of the COVID-19 vaccination policy: Ensuring equitable access to quality-assured vaccines
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):44-50.
Sensitivity of three antibody assays to SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein in relation to timing since diagnosis
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):51-53.
Development of the neurological simulation program e-learning version (Neuro Sim-e)
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):54-58.
Global extension of Japanese medical products related to COVID-19: A survey of WHO Emergency Use Listing
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):59-62.
The state of foreigners living in Japan as gauged by people undergoing a comprehensive health checkup (Ningen Dock)
GHM Open. 2022; 2(1):63-64.